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Over Hopr

About Sandra Buermans

Creative thinking. A real entrepreneur. Headstrong Analyst. Energetic team player. Thinking in solutions. Strategical. Executive perfectionist.

Born in 1988 and living in Breda. After my studies Facility Management at the NHTV in Breda and Organisation Studies at the University of Tilburg, I gained a lot of project management experience in a diverse number of projects through Frisse Blikken and Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

In 2016 I started HOPR to help companies and institution with projects in the field of housing & hospitality. My passion is to create hospitable and pleasant environments, where employees, guests and/or students can work, meet and study in a nice way.

With a lot of drive and professional enthusiasm I take the lead as a project manager and/or think along as an advisor. Feel free to contact me for some coffee if you want to know more!

Favourite quote: “A lot of these problems could potentially lead to a lot of solutions”

About HOPR

HOPR stands for Hospitality Projects and offers project management in projects where Housing, Hospitality & Facility come together.

HOPR creates added value by looking at the culture of the organization, the design of the physical environment and the underlying facility processes. All these components will be properly attuned to each other.

A few examples of issues where HOPR could be of help:
• Finally, we are moving to a new location! How do we translate all wishes, requirements and ideas into suitable solutions and how will we manage this project?

• How do I change my current accommodation into an environment that suits who we really are and what we stand for? How do I stimulate cooperation, creativity and/or hospitality in a physical working environment?

• Strategic housing analysis; what direction will our organisation take in the coming period and how will we adapt our locations accordingly?